Karima’s Story

Published February 9, 2015 by ChasityAlvarez

Karima, a United States Citizen, is living separated from her husband, a Guatemalan national.  The couple have two children.  Like most United States citizens, Karmia tried to do things “the right way”.  To “correct” her husband’s status.  She paid the fees, applied like she was supposed to, she was approved even.  Here is her story:

My husband and I filed the new 601a waiver in Jan 2014.  We were approved on July 17, on Jan 17th we traveled to Guatemala, leaving our 2 kids here.  His interview was on the 27th but we had to go a week before to do his medical and get his police reports.  He went to his physical and everything went good the Doctor did take pics of his tattoos and said he would send them to the police.  He said we could come get the results in a few hours.

He didn’t send him to the psychologist so I thought we were good to go. The day of his interview everything was going OK until the officer asked about the tattoos.  My husband explained to her what they were and she then had a supervisor come over. 

She took off her headset so we couldn’t hear, then another supervisor came, she then closed his file and told us to sit down.  She said that he would be called back to the window 10 min later.  They called him back, but I wasn’t allowed to come with him.  They took him to a room where they proceeded to ask him about his tattoos again, where he got them, when, what did they mean, how many people live in our city…  Very strange questions, then the police (as my husband described) them took pics of all 3 tattoos.  They told him they would call him, he was put into administrative processing on the 27th and hes still there. I have no idea when or if he will come home.  All I can do is pray this nightmare will be over soon.

The tattoo’s in question:

  1. Praying hands
  2. The initials of his wife and two children
  3. A rose

Karima isn’t the enemy, her children aren’t the enemy.  Taking the family’s bread winner serves no one.  By taking the bread winner, you’re turning a perfectly self reliant family and turning their world upside down.  Karima isn’t asking for a hand out or a free pass.  She paid the fees, applied as the law insisted she must, thousands of dollars she paid, all to be turned away at the end.

This isn’t the best we can do.  Help reunite this family, make your vote count.


Kimberly’s Story

Published August 6, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez


My name is Kimberly and I am a US citizen.  I am married to Carlos Marroquin and we live in Guatemala, one of the most dangerous countries to live in, according to the US State Dept.  Prior to moving here, I taught school for 19 years.  I have two girls in college in the states that I miss very much.

My husband came to the US when he was 16, just three months after the peace treaty was signed that ended the 36-year war in Guatemala, to provide for his family.  Upon first crossing the border, he was put into removal proceedings that ultimately ended with a voluntary departure.  Three years later he crossed again and remained in the US until being stopped while driving without a license; this led to his deportation on June 19, 2013.  He has always worked very hard and paid taxes, yet never benefited from filing a tax return.  He has no criminal convictions, yet due to multiple entries, he faces the 9C bar – a lifetime ban on every coming back into the US legally, but as his wife I can apply for a waiver to that ban (I would be required to prove extreme hardship on me not being in the US and not having him in the US with me) but only after he’s out of the country for 10 years!!!

We truly hope that one day we’ll be able to return to the US to live out the remainder of our lives.  The immigration laws of 1996 (IIRIRA) must be changed in order to not penalize US citizens.  I’m tired of being treated like a second-class citizen.

Michelle Manrique’s Story

Published April 26, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez

I think I will tell a story on here, most wont read it, and that is perfectly OK. But here goes:

I know this girl, she comes from a hard background. Not that she is hard, but that she’s had it rough. We can all relate to a degree, but her situation was more extreme than most. After years of struggle, this lady met the man of her dreams. He helped her through some really hard times.

  • Suicide attempts
  • Serious medical issues
  • A troubled child


She met this man at a pivotal time in her life, she had just tried to commit suicide and was almost successful. Through this, he was there, the only one there, nursing her back to health, first as a friend, and then as much more.

Daily their love blossomed into something magical only their hearts can express. It was in their faces, in their eyes, and in their peace. The broken girl, was slowly being made whole. The world was waking up to her, a world that had long sense been dormant.

He came into her life as a knight in shining armor, minus the sword, and minus the armor. He stole her heart and for the first time, she thought she was safe, she could breath. The thoughts of suicide left her, she was able to function and deal with her medical issues in a healthy manner. She had stability, not only for herself, but her daughter as well.

The couple married, she got pregnant, but tragically lost the baby. With her heart broken, and no other outlet for the grief she was feeling, she decided to just “check out”. She attempted suicide, something she hadn’t done since meeting her love. Again, he was there for her, she recovered, he helped get not only her through this time, but her young daughter as well. Healing began, and through the process, that magical piece of them; their love, was only made stronger.

Over time, she found out she was pregnant again. Nine months later, this couple welcomed a son to their family. That moment was 18 months ago. With the birth of this baby, their family unit was made whole. Through the love they shared, they created this little perfect person, a cross image of both mom and dad. Life was good.


Then came the day, the day her world stopped. The day a stranger came stopped by.

“Ma’am, I hit your car.”

She went outside and looked. There was no damage. No mark on either vehicle. She started back into the house.

“Ma’am, I hit your car. I need to speak to the owner of the car.”

The car was registered in her husband’s name. She can’t drive due to medical issues, so she went back into the house, and told her husband who quickly put on his shoes and went outside.

The next thing the woman heard was her daughter screaming. Upon going back outside, she was shocked at what she saw. Her husband, was in handcuffs. The whole encounter was a trick. The man claiming he hit the car was an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Officer.

That was the last day she held her husband in her arms.

Wait.  How did this even start you might ask?  Good question.

In 1998, like others before and after him, her husband Miguel entered the United States from Mexico in El Paso Texas.  The problem with this, was he did so without authorization from the United States Government.

Miguel settled in Garden City Kansas where he worked in a restaurant washing dishes.  He paid his taxes and kept out of trouble.  For three years, Miguel toiled in the kitchen working to provide for his young daughter back home in Mexico.  Everything came crashing down on January 17th 2001 when he was arrested for making a false declaration to law enforcement.  (Steaming from his use of false work authorization.)

Subsequently the charges were dropped, but it was to late.  Miguel was deported back to Mexico a couple weeks later.

Determined to provide for his daughter, and to be honest, because he developed a love for the United States, in February, less than a month later, Miguel reentered the United States, again without permission, this time in Columbus New Mexico.

He returned back to Kansas, but didn’t stay there long before he moved on to Vancouver Washington.

Meanwhile, Michelle, who had never laid eyes on Miguel was suffering her own issues.  Her health issues were stacking up, and family problems continued to drag her down.  Michelle was struggling to find her place in this world.

In 2007 Michelle was in a car accident where she sustained a serious back injury.  When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade they say, Michelle was to the point where she just couldn’t even see the lemon in front of her.  Thoughts of suicide flooded her mind and she began falling down a familiar path of depression and anxiety.

Being the survivor of sexual and physical abuse, Michelle has little self worth, thanks to those who should have protected her, but instead choice to hurt her.  She had no one to turn to, and no one to comfort her.

By 2009, Michelle began receiving treatment for Factor V and Factor VIII (Blood clotting disorders than can be fatal).  Life was throwing her curve ball after curve ball and it seemed like she couldn’t catch a break.

August 2010, Michelle reached her breaking point, she attempted to end her life.  This is also when she met Miguel.  Miguel gave her the courage and the reason to fight back and win.  Michelle survived, and it goes without saying, Miguel was a crucial part of that.

What started as a friendship, in reality Miguel saving her life, turned into something much more.  Michelle and Miguel fell in love, and by February 2011 were living together.

Miguel took on the daughter Michelle had from a previous relationship, no small feat and the family was finally in a good place.  Michelle was on the right track, and her daughter was also doing well.

Later that year, April 29th, 2011 Michelle and Miguel looked into each others eyes and promised to “love, honor and cherish each other” till death parted them.  (Death did not part them, a broken Immigration System took the power away from God Almighty, and separated them.)

Happy tidings to the couple who seemingly beat all odds, Michelle found out she was pregnant.  Thrilled to have a child, the couple began doing those little things that complete a family.  Picking out names, buying baby outfits, giggling at each ultra sound.  In a sense they all three were riding on cloud nine, Michelle could breath..


January 2012 Michelle had a miscarriage losing the baby the couple had already fallen in love with.  Michelle needless to say was devastated by this and fell back into the grips of her depression.  While I am thrilled to say Michelle was not successful, Michelle once again tried to end her life.

Once again, it was Miguel who was there for Michelle and her daughter, it was Miguel who saw Michelle down the road to recovery.  His hard work and determination paid off with their son Giovanni almost exactly 11 months later.

Right before Giovanni was born, Michelle began trying to help Miguel change his legal status.  They filed for the I130 and it was approved.  Now seemingly all they needed was to apply for the waivers, but Miguel still had the prior deportation order over his head.

You see, Immigration law is very complex.  It’s not a black and white issue like many assume.  Just because you marry a US Citizen doesn’t mean you can change your status.  You’re still subjected to the bars/bans.  In Miguel’s case, a life time bar from the United States.  This means, in order for Michelle to be with her husband, she must pack up the children and move to Mexico.  So we have a system in place, that deports US Citizens on default.  What choice would Michelle have if Miguel were to be deported?  To forgo her medical care -something she can’t easily get in Mexico- and move for life to Mexico?  Or to divorce her husband and fall back into her owl pre-Miguel life?

Nevertheless, the couple discussed their options.  Miguel wanted to “right his wrong”.  He wanted to make amends to the United States, he was willing to be fairly penalized, but like so many, Miguel didn’t understand his bar/ban is un-waiver-able.  That means, there is nothing anyone can do.  His life time ban will stick unless there is a reform that helps people like Miguel.

Remaining in the shadows was the only option left to Miguel.  He continued to work and support his family in the States, and his daughter in Mexico.  He paid his taxes, and never got into trouble…


September 19, 2013 the day Michelle’s world stopped and her heart was removed from her chest.  The day she and Miguel were tricked by an ICE agent.  The day Miguel was led away from his wife and children in chains.  The day that the world crashed in on them.

Michelle’s daughter was outside on this beautiful sunny September day, when a man approached her.

“Do you know who’s car that is?” The man asked.

“My mom, I will get her.”  She said skipping away, with no clue her world was about to come apart.

Michelle came outside to a man standing at the back of her car.  “Can I help you?”

“I hit your car.”  He said matter of factually.

“What do you mean, there is no damage to either vehicle.”  Michelle protested.

“Ma’am I need to speak to the owner of this car.  Is that you?”  Of course Michelle didn’t know at the time, but she was being set up.  He knew this wasn’t her car, he also never hit the car.  He was there with the intent of arresting and deporting her husband.

Michelle went and fetched Miguel who came promptly.  Just as promptly as he came outside, the ICE Agent has his handcuffs out and Miguel was looking at his sobbing family from the window of a ICE Van window.

Michelle took every penny she had to fight Miguel’s removal.  After all, she is a US Citizen, doesn’t she have rights to the pursuit of happiness and the protection against cruel and unusual punishment?  Apparently not.  The lawyer tried to grant Miguel a stay of deportation, siting Michelle’s upcoming surgery.  A surgery she desperately needed.  The recovery time is six months, and Miguel was needed.

Miguel admitted full quilt.  He entered the country illegally and he knew there was little that could be done for him.  All he was asking for was a stay of deportation for one year.  Long enough for Michelle to have surgery, to recover and for him to set up something for them in Mexico.  He agreed to the check in’s with ICE, he agreed to the monitoring, and was even willing to have house arrest, all he wanted was that one year.  He was denied and his deportation was set for February 24th 2014.

With the aid of Jasmine Mendoza, Chasity Alvarez, and Fair Unity, a Faith Based support group for US Citizens going through this immigration nightmare, Michelle quickly learned there were things she could do.  Flyers immediately went up drumming up support for PD (Prosecutorial Discretion)  on Miguel’s case.  Calls were made, trying to stay his deportation.

On the scheduled date for Miguel’s deportation, Michelle and her daughter went to the Northwest Detention center in Tacoma Washington to protest the removal.  Without any thought to her safety, Michelle took matters into her own hands, by blocking the bus she thought Miguel was on.  In hindsight it didn’t matter who was on it, Michelle had a goal to spare her family from the devastation of deportation, but also the others being deported that day.

With Michelle standing in front of the bus, the bus continued to head for the road.  Michelle didn’t waiver, neither did the driver, completely bumping into her.  Before she had time to realize, the bus had just hit her, she was handcuffed and dragged off.  Placed under arrest with her young daughter watching, the bus was free to leave.


The kicker to this whole thing, once again, Michelle and Miguel were tricked.  Miguel wasn’t on that bus, catching wind of the protest outside and Michelle’s involvement, Miguel was deported two days later on February 26th, 2014.

I recently spoken to Miguel from his exile in Mexico.  He kept telling me how broken he was without his family.  He insisted they were tricked, and over and over he told me “I am dying here, I just want my family.”

Michelle plans to follow Miguel to Mexico, but it’s not an easy task.  First she has the upcoming surgery, a surgery she can’t get in Mexico, she also does not drive due to a Medical condition, and a panic disorder limits her ability to use public transportation.

At the beginning of March 2014, Michelle once again reached her limit and was hospitalized after trying to kill herself.  No sooner was she released from this, than she attempted it again.

Michelle is in out patient therapy for her suicidal urges, but she still battles these demons which only escalated through the deportation of her husband.


As of the writing of this, Michelle has been contacted by CPS threatening to remove her children from her care due to her suicide attempts.  These are people, flesh and blood people, a child who everyday forgets his fathers voice, and touch.  A wife who cries herself to sleep and fights to get through each and every agonizing minute.

Michelle tries to hold it together, but it is always one thing after another.  She is a human being, she reacts, and her illnesses only agitate and very serious situation.

She’s lost Miguel, and now they want to take her children.  Ironic, while Miguel was here, Michelle and the kids were doing great.

Deportation ruins lives, the lives of your family members, your neighbors, that person who mows your lawn, the person who washed your car.  Maybe that woman whom you see crying at church just lost her husband to deportation.

Michelle’s children are US Citizens.  Regardless what anyone feels about Miguel, those children love their father, Michelle loves her husband.  How much revenge do we need?  Is our current immigration policy one to reign justice, or destruction?  Is this the legacy we leave the world?


** Click here to read an article in which Michelle is featured.  For her actions on February 24th 2014, those inside the detention center began a hunger strike.

***There was error in the article (link above).  Miguel was not arrested at his interview.  He was arrested at his home after someone reported “an undocumented person” at that residence.  (Secure Communities!)

To Michelle~

I love you, I pray for you, and I am here for you, Miguel and those children.  I will not forget, I am watching as are millions of other US Citizens.  We see what is happening, and we are not shutting up!

Gerardo’s Story

Published April 22, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez



On March 07, 1990 Gerardo, with his young wife and son made the journey from Mexico City to the United States as unauthorized immigrants.  Like most immigrants, Gerardo had a dream.  A dream to give his children a life that he didn’t have.  He had hopes for the future, goals for his family, and a love in his heart binding him to his roots, but also to the possibilities the United States offered him.

At 19 years old, Gerardo didn’t have everything figured out.  The only thing he did know for sure, was that he couldn’t give his family the kind of life they needed without exploring his possibilities of the American Dream.

Leaving your home country, your culture, your family and your friends is never easy.  Gerardo had to assimilate himself to the American way of life.  He devoted himself to learning the language, and today he is fluent in speaking, reading, and writing.

For Gerardo, like most fathers, his American Dream included solid strong educations for his children.  It included food on the table, his children attending school, not working in the fields.  His dream included living, not dying.

So like others before and after him, he made the tough decision to enter the United States risking his own life, and leaving behind all he knew.  Gerardo’s dream to return to Mexico and start his own business fizzled out when he fell in love with this country.  Over time, Gerardo came to realize he had developed a deep love for the US, and his dream shifted.  Now instead of returning to Mexico to start his business, Gerardo would like to have the opportunity to do that here.

Gerardo though, can’t do that.  His chance at legalization is marred by one decision in 1990.  Twenty four years ago, Gerardo crossed the border without permission from the US Government.  Everyday for twenty-four years, Gerardo has paid a price for that action.  Things other people take for granted, Gerardo can not do. But he accepts most of it, one thing he can’t accept is missing his daughters college graduation because of the travel risk.

Gerardo and his wife sacrificed everything so that their children would have this opportunity, but because of trespassing 24 years ago, Gerardo is at risk of being deported if he attends his US Citizen daughters college graduation.  Justice?

Gerardo’s own words 4-22-2014 :

“Well, my story begins like this; I came to the U.S. Of America on 03/07/1990. With my wife and my oldest son, I was 19 years old. My idea back then was to work, make enough money to start my own business back in Mexico City, where I was born and raised. But then the inevitable happened, I fall in love with this great country and soon enough I couldn’t picture myself raising my family anywhere else. So I tried to learn English as soon as possible (There goes the myth that we refuse to learn the language) I even gave up reading the Spanish newspaper and watching Spanish TV, Lol! So I learned English and started working for Domino’s Pizza. I worked there for four years, until I couldn’t renew my driver license. Luckily I was hired soon after at my present job. I started as a general helper here, now I’m the lead mechanic. I repair hydraulic equipment. Been working here for seventeen years. I pay taxes in every pay check. I put money into a social security number that doesn’t exist, money that I will never see again, but I can live with that, I’m not allowed to collect from unemployment or disability but I can live with that. I don’t qualify for child credit when I fill my w-40 form but I can live with that. My daughter’s graduation from college is on June 14 but her college is in San Diego CA. And there’s a homeland security (Immigration) check point between where I live and the college that they set up randomly and there’s no way around it. Thinking about not being able to attend her graduation ceremony breaks my heart…I can’t live with that!! I don’t have a criminal record. I’m desperate. Please read what my daughter posted in my wall for my birthday. I have tried to legalize my situation but there’s simply no way. I would give an arm an a leg for the opportunity to be a lawful resident of this country.

Gerardo’s Daughter in her own words : (A Facebook post for his birthday 4-21-2014)

“Happy birthday to the dad who was at every parent-teacher meeting and at every school assembly. To the dad who taught me everything from how to ride a bike to how to drive a car. Happy birthday to the dad who’s spoiled me more than I deservee. To the dad who always allowed me to be my own person and taught me to think for myself. Happy birthday to the dad who did an amazing job raising a family, despite being a kid of only 17 years himself when his oldest was born. Happy birthday to the dad who has done everything to make sure his children had the opportunities he didn’t. Who overcame so much adversity and has gotten so far. Happy birthday to the dad who was always my biggest fan and greatest coach in sports. Happy birthday to the dad who has always supported me and who instilled in me the confidence to believe I could achieve anything. To the dad that I am able to call one of my best friends. Happy birthday to the dad who’s unconditional love is the reason I am where I am today. To the dad who’s always been my biggest hero and greatest protector. Happy birthday to the dad who’s set the bar high for everything I think a man should be. Happy birthday to this incredibly kind, intelligent person I have the privilege of getting to call “Daddy”. I love you!”
In the United States of America, Gerardo shouldn’t live in fear of the Government.  His citizen children should not live in fear of the Government.  This is not something that we should be forced to deal with in this country.Gerardo admits and acknowledges that he did in fact break the law, but like the rest of us, Gerardo wants to know how our current immigration policy reflects justice.We are a Nation of Laws, however there is a clear distinction when it comes to “regular law” and “immigration law”, with immigration law, there is harsh punishments, but no justice for anyone.  There is no justice for American citizens, or the undocumented as long as the immigration laws of 1996 are enforced and honored.

Gerardo wants what everyone wants, the freedom to live and die in the place he calls home!

Join the cause today on behalf of Gerardo, his children, and 27.7 other people who are riding the tides of this powerful current.  Gerardo should be there to see his daughter graduate, after all, it is his parenting that led her down that path.   Gerardo is giving to the United States an educated daughter, someone who will be a productive professional member of society, can’t we give something back to Gerardo and all the others?  Are we a Nation of revenge?  Or the Christian Nation we pretend to be?

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Five Months, One Week and 6 Days

Published February 20, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez

Un-Adventures In Bolivia

On September 6, 2013, our applications for my husband to return to the United States were accepted by USCIS.  Since then it really has been a roller coaster ride.  The first few weeks were filled with nothing but relief.  Honestly, what do you expect when you have waited for over 6 years and 8 months to finally be in the running.  Some days are easier than others, some days I just want to cry, and some days I just want to yell.  I so want to believe the worst is over and we will have an approval pop up any day now.   It really hit home today when there was a Sept 11, 2013 application approved.  I am on the precipice of change in my life, the question is will that change be in the form of an approval or denial.  I want to believe that the approval is…

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Michelle’s Story

Published February 14, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez

My name is Michelle, I am a United States Citizen.


It is not fair we have to live in fear day to day that he will be sent back to Mexico

My husband and I have been together for 4 years. We met on the internet during a very rough time for me. A week or so after meeting my husband, I had a nervous breakdown, and tried to end my life. When they released me from the hospital Miguel comforted me, told me I wasn’t alone.. He stayed with me so I wouldn’t be alone. He was the perfect gentleman. He stayed with me and my daughter for a couple of weeks straight. Never asking for anything but to know I was OK.

I felt so safe, so secure for the second time in my life. He made me feel that even if the whole world was crumbling around me, I would be OK. That’s what made me fall in love with him.

We got married on April 29th 2011. We both desperately wanted a baby. But because of my health problems we went through 2 miscarriages, and another attempt at ending my life. That time almost successfully. Two months later we found out I was pregnant again.

We then decided to start the process of getting him documents. He was told about a guy that claimed he used to work for immigration. So we went to see him. He assured us that in-spite of my husbands complicated immigration history, he could still help us. We pinched every penny until we had enough to file the I-130, and pay the guy to handle our case. We filed the I130, about 3 months later we got a letter from immigration saying we needed to come to immigration in Portland, OR for an interview.

We told the man that filed our petition, and he told us to go. We went to the interview the officer asked us a few questions, then asked me to leave the room. When my husband came out he said that she at first told him he was going to have to go back to Mexico to wait out his 10 year bar because he had been deported once. Before that he was caught trying to cross 3 times. My husband said ” but I was told you were giving people like me a chance to stay here?” He said that she looked through a huge book, then told him his only other option was to get an attorney.

We met with multiple attorneys after that, but kept hearing the same thing. ” I don’t have the experience for a case as complicated as yours.” Or ” Sorry I can’t help you there’s nothing I can do.” Or we just couldn’t afford to hire them.

I have birth to our son on November 8, 2012, 5 weeks early because of pre eclampsia. He was in the NICU for about a week.

The beginning of September 2013 I called the NVC to renew my petition. A couple of weeks later on September 20, 2013 ( the day we were supposed to move into our new place) at around 8:00 am, my daughter came in from outside and told me there was a man outside saying he hit our car. He wanted to talk to me; so I went outside, he was parked behind our car, and was standing between his car and ours. I asked him if he hit our car. He stated that he did hit it, so I looked and saw not even a scratch.

I told him there’s nothing there, he then stated that he hit the car very hard. At this point I told him there was no way he hit our car in my opinion, but if he did not to worry about it. He insisted on talking to my husband as the car was in his name. So I went and got Miguel.

I then heard my daughter screaming. I went back outside to see my husband being handcuffed and told he was under arrest for being in the country illegally. Then I looked to see my daughter on the ground, screaming and crying ” DADDY NOOOOO!!!” My husband asked the ICE officer if someone could get his glasses, the officer said ” don’t worry you’re not going to need those where you’re going.” Miguel said “I can’t see without my glasses.” But the officer just put him in the car and took him away!!

I have a ton of medical problems- a blood clotting disorder which gave me two pulmonary emboli, and DVDS all the way up my right leg. Also I have a titanium plate in my neck where they fused two vertebra together, and back problems, high blood pressure, low thyroid function, bad arthritis in my neck, shoulders, left knee, madeluns deternity which requires surgery, a problem with the tendons in my left elbow. I myself have to have a caregiver to help me with some things. Also mental health issues, ADD, PTSD, panic attacks, social anxiety, severe depression, and borderline mood disorder. Our son has asthma, and before he was even a year old he’d been in the hospital twice for breathing problems. On top of that my teenage daughter has severe mental health issues – ADHD, ODD, PTSD, and an addiction to a synthetic marijuana. As a result of all that she lies, steals, tells off the wall stories, hits both Miguel and I and runs away.

Since he’s been gone she’s gotten ten times worse with her behaviors. She’s been using a lot more, stealing anything I don’t lock up, stealing our car, and my debit card.

This is why we NEED Miguel Manrique home, without him I may not make it. He is my rock he keeps me grounded.  He is a good husband and an even better father and a hard worker who hasn’t had so much as a speeding ticket since coming back to the US in 2001. So I beg of you PLEASE HELP US. HELP US STOP IMMIGRATION FROM DEPORTING MY HUSBAND!!!!! I can’t do this without him!


Crystal’s Story

Published January 9, 2014 by ChasityAlvarez

crystal 1

My name is Crystal, I am a US Citizen and I am in love with an undocumented immigrant!

We met in the spring of 2010 at the local salsa dancing club. Our relationship began with a love of dancing and a lot of interesting Spanglish, but it has evolved into something special that words can’t even begin to describe.

Over the years, I’ve helped him with his English and he has helped me with every part of my life. He is an extremely giving person, especially to his family, and even gives to every charity that asks him for a donation.

Since we’ve met, I’ve gone through job changes, moved a few times, dealt with anxiety, had family dilemmas, and was even admitted the hospital for a week due to a rare immune disease. Through it all, he has given me unconditional love and support and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

We want a future together. We want to get married. We want to have children and live happily ever after, but the next step is terrifying. If we get married and have children, the current laws could separate any family that we start. Although, he did break the law, this kind, wonderful, giving man regrets it. We want to be able to do the right thing and we want to rest of our lives to be able to begin.


Editors Note:  Crystal’s other half is currently living in the shadows.  It’s often an question why they don’t “come out of the shadows and do it the right way.  In Immigration law, there is very little room for forgiveness.  Overwhelmingly, coming out of the shadows means a voluntary departure which leads to a ten year bar from the US.  If we removed these bars, and allowed people to return home and come back to their US Citizen family members legally and promptly, we wouldn’t have this huge situation.  The 1996 laws are designed to punish, but what’s happened is only in pushing the undocumented deeper into hiding.